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What is a Company Branding Profile (CBP)? It is an organized document that is part of the Intellectual Property of the company. It adds value to the company by better defining the company brand. 

The CBP needs to have a prominent position in the Company Culture since it defines, for all the Company Team Members, the details of the Brand the Company promotes and defends.  It is posted as part of the Operating Process System (OPS) and is a key element in Systems Processing Integration.

The Profile covers such core marketing issues as:

  • Patents and Trademarks

  • Slogans

  • Trade Names and Logos

  • Precisely what colors represent the company

  • What typeface fonts

  • What types of images

  • The "look and feel" of the labeling and sales copy

  • Trade Dress and Branding Indicia

Substantiated advertising language should be cataloged. 

The Company Mission Statement should be included.

One Branding Agency [1] lists:

"The brand codification process typically involves defining and aligning elements like:

  • Target audience / segments

  • Target beliefs & perceptions

  • Target options / competitors

  • Category

  • Value proposition

  • Position

  • Speaking points

  • Personality

  • Selling points

  • Tone & manner

  • Visual profile

  • Backstory

  • Brand persona

  • Brand architecture

  • Vision, mission, goals"

The Branding Profile is intended to offer guidance to the copywriters and customer service people in the company, as well as the planners and managers.

That is why this essential part of the company culture rightfully belongs in the OPS, as one of the chief expressions of the company's Mission.



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