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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures -- SOPs -- are an essential part of any well-structured business.  A business manual defines how a business does what it does to profit and stay in business.  Some companies, such as food and dietary supplement companies, are required by FDA regulation to have written SOPs. Our OPS 4 SOPs system integrates the operating system and provides online access to your SOPs and your essential product documentation. 

Company Branding Profile

Company Culture and Company Mission


A Company Branding Profile (CBP)is an organized document that is part of the Intellectual Property of the company. It adds value to the company by better defining the company brand.

  • Every Company has a Story

  • Every Company has a Culture

  • Every Company has a Mission

Let my 36 years practicing law (1971 - 2006) and nearly 50 years in the natural products industry help you discover your Company Culture and Mission while you define your operations through Standard Operating Procedures linked by the Operating Procedures System -- OPS.

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