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Cosmetic Dossier  Services

Work Product

The Work Product Cosmetic Safety Dossier provided for the Company’s
Permanent Records consists of four documents, with Dossier cover:

    1. Letter of Opinion regarding the description of the qualitative and quantitative composition.

    2. Attestation that our search of the scientific literature supports the physic-chemical and microbiological specification as reported.

    3. Letter of Opinion regarding the Company’s SOP for cGMPs [SOP recommendations are a separate consulting service].

    4. Certified Assessment of Safety that the generally safe toxicological profile of the ingredients is supported by reliable and competent scientific evidence, when taking into account chemical structure and level of exposure.

  To recap our services:

1.Consultation regarding the required “description of the qualitative and quantitative composition.”

2.Confirmation of the required “physic-chemical and microbiological specification” as certified by the responsible person at the Company; the Notarized Confirmation Document attests that our search of the scientific literature supports the specification as reported.

3. Consultation regarding description of the SOPs for method of manufacture complying with cGMPs.

4.Certified Assessment of Safety; this Certification Document shall take into consideration the general toxicological profile of the ingredients, their chemical structure and their level of exposure, and shall take particular account of the specific exposure characteristics of the areas on which the product will be applied or of the population for which it is intended.

5. Dossier Cover and Summary; your Company can rely on our work.

Costs of Services -- click HERE.

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